Gifts For Him and present ideas for men

If you are searching for a unique gift to give your favourite man for his birthday it will require a lot of thought and research.

A birthday gift that will be truly interesting is one that appeals to the man’s particular tastes.

Experience days make for memorable gifts for him

Whether learning to sail, doing an advanced driving course on ice, learning to fly a plane, or simply participating in a gastronomical wine tasting event, the combinations are endless with experience days. Activity days make for ideal birthday gifts for him, and with a wide range of events available at every price bracket you are sure to find a perfect gift for the one who has everything!

Check out our recommended experience days for men.

Recommended adrenaline activity days

Recommended leisure activity days

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Gadgets & Boys toys - Perfect as birthday presents for him

Whether he is looking to become the next James Bond, or wants to relive his childhood memories, there are hundreds of cool gadgets and gizmos which will appeal to men of all ages. From the Air Wolf R/C helicopters which can be used indoors for hours of fun, to executive toys (ahem), to all that techy stuff that all men like!
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Big Boy's Toys

Ultimate Gadgets!

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Watches Are The Ultimate Men's Birthday Gift

Nothing is as important to a man as his watch, cufflinks, and car. And a watch is a really distinctive accessory which really helps define any first impression. Make sure you pick the right watch, to suit the style and type of man you are buying for.
Check out our recommended designer watches for men.

Dress Watches

Sporty Watches

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Jewellery - Yeah men like jewellery too!

Jewellery always makes for a memorable birthday gift, and for men you can look for some handy cufflinks, necklaces and bracelets to suit the look of the man you are gifting. You can now pick from a wide range of designers available, which all cater for men's jewellery.
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Fashionable Cufflinks

Designer bracelets

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What to know when buying ?

For instance, if he is a nature fanatic and loves to be outdoors, you can’t go wrong in purchasing a gift that has to do with hiking or fishing. This type of gift can be anything that has to do with his outdoor hobby. If he hikes he would most definitely enjoy a backpack made especially for hikers. They come in all sorts of styles, sizes and colours. A good pair of hiking boots is a good idea, or a gift certificate from a catalogue that sells hiking equipment so he could choose his own. If your birthday man enjoys fishing, all fishermen occasionally need a new tackle box or fishing supplies, or even a new rod and reel.

If he is more of an indoors’ type that enjoys the newest types of technology, a gift like a new Blackberry or an IPOD would be a great idea. If the birthday fellow is more of the couch potato sort, movies are always a good choice. Find out what he’s interested in whether it be mystery movies, sports or westerns and buy a few of the most highly popular DVD’s in that type of film.
For an office worker or businessman that is very involved in his job you could purchase personalized gifts such as an engraved name plaque. You could also have a very nice pen set engraved with his name and his position in the business. Clothing can be a nice choice for a businessman if he wears cufflinks or ties. A briefcase in a nice leather with his name engraved would be special.
One gift that is sure to please almost any man on his birthday is any type of home baked goods. This can be cookies or biscuits in a nice tin with a birthday ribbon, or cake, brownies or even an entire home cooked dinner.

Even though the birthday man may be middle aged, it doesn’t mean he won’t enjoy items like video games or hand held games. Computer games are also very popular with men. If he is interested in sports there is a variety of sports related games on the market that appeal to all ages. If he has a favourite team, you might look for unique items with the teams logo on it, like a coffee mug, banner or even a soft blanket or throw to use while watching that special team play on the telly.

Whatever you decide to do for your mans birthday, try to make it unique and personal. It will show that you took the time to think of their interests on their special day.

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Gifts that your parents or grandparents would appreciate should be valuable in terms of emotions and sentiments. Digital photo frames with photos of their children or grandchildren would be a good present idea. Prepare a letter with words from your heart saying how grateful you are for all the things they have provided you. Another ideal present would be Aromatherapy massages, slippers and comfort items. [Continue reading: Gift ideas for aged parents or grandparents]

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Great present ideas for your man

A visit to a romantic destination which he is very fond of can be a memorable experience for the two of you. Take the first step by making the required arrangements like air tickets, hotel bookings, etc and start with the packing for both of you. You may keep the trip as a surprise and declare just when it is time to leave. Keep the element of surprise and love intact. The place you select should be somewhere he hasn't visited and always talked to you about going one day. Another fabulous gift would be a ski trip. It would mean some time away from his usual routine and also relaxing and exciting. [Continue reading: Great present ideas for your man]

What do men like for birthday presents?


It is generally harder to find birthday present for men, since it’s very normal for them to not state what they really want.  Men will keep you guessing, which makes it very hard to find the perfect birthday present for them.

Let’s say the guy you may be shopping for …

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