50th Birthday Presents and gift ideas

The 50th birthday is very special, and represents a very important milestone in someone’s life.
Take care in picking the perfect gift for the occasion, and follow our present finder guide to help you pick a unique and memorable gift guaranteed to put a smile on the recipient’s face.

Unique experiences are ideal for memorable 50th Birthdays

Nothing quite matches the excitement of receiving an experience day gift voucher on a birthday. You can pick from thousands of different activity days ranging from wine tasting, to golf trips, to pleasure flights around key cities, to a once in a lifetime trip to the antartic! If you are searching for something more relaxing, you can organise for an overnight spa day, or a refreshing chocolate or algae massage day for the ladies.
Check out our recommended experience days for 50th bithdays.

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Recommended activity days for him

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Find unique gifts with gadgets - Perfect for 50th Birthdays gifts

A 50th birthday is special, so why not find a unique gadget or gift to really make your friends or relatives smile on their special day? There is a wide selection of both personalised, or engraved gifts which are perfect for him or her, and if you are feeling a bit more adventurous you might look into personalised novels.
Check out our recommended gifts and gadgets for 50th birthdays.

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Watches make for memorable 18th Birthday Gifts

Watches are usually given as a milestone gift, and therefore make perfect 18th bithday gifts for men and ladies. When choosing a designer watch, make sure you take into consideration the style of the wearer, and also his lifestyle. Is the recipient sporty, preppy, an aspiring business man or woman, or a trendy young person?
Check out our recommended designer watches for 18th bithdays.

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Jewellery is an ideal 18th Birthday Gift

Jewellery always makes for a memorable birthday gift, which can literally last forever.
For the ladies, favourites include necklaces, rings, bangles, earrings, and bracelets. For men, stainless steel and silver bracelets or cufflinks are typical favourites. 18th birthdays are special, and nothing can quite match the pleasure of receiving a thoughtful item of jewellery which the wearer will be able to sherish forever.
Check out our recommended jewellery for 18th bithdays.

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What to know when buying ?

Most 50-year old women prefer not to dwell on the fact that they have turned 50. Even if she is not thrilled about turning 50, your birthday girl will appreciate the efforts that you, her friends and family, make when you select a thoughtful and appropriate gift for this very significant life milestone.

If your 50th birthday girl is an active and busy career woman, the gift of time is a wonderful way to commemorate her birthday because it emphasizes that you, her office mates, value the time she spends making your workplace happy and pleasant. If you are gifting a day spa or a matinee theatre outing, make sure that you confirm that someone will cover her duties at the office!

If your favourite homemaker is about to have her 50th birthday, choose a gift which lightens her household duties and allows her to spend more time doing things she enjoys.
Gifts of time might include a housecleaning gift certificate or a cutting edge kitchen or home appliance. One of the most tried and true gifts for your 50-year old birthday girl is a very special “date night, which should be planned thoughtfully and which has a personal or sentimental significance.

For a man celebrating his 50th birthday, choose a quality accessory for his classic car, or, if he is an avid fisherman or outdoorsman, the latest in high-performance sporting gear. Some men might like a birthday surprise which departs from the routine of their typical birthday celebrations at home, such as a factory tour of a favourite brewery or distillery, tickets to a special sporting event or a cruise / canal tour.
A reservation at a premium golf club for your 50-year old birthday boy and a few of his best mates is a thoughtful and fun gift. If he already belongs to your community’s angling society, you may be able to plan a surprise by coordinating a fishing weekend in a locale where they honour reciprocal memberships. Sometimes a birthday trip like this can be made even more memorable if your 50-year old birthday boy uses it to spend some quality time with his son or daughter.

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Latest 50th Birthday Presents Reviews

Check out our reviews of the latest 50th Birthday Presents hand picked by our expert editorial team.

Give The Gift Of Youth


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Gift ideas for aged parents or grandparents

Gifts that your parents or grandparents would appreciate should be valuable in terms of emotions and sentiments. Digital photo frames with photos of their children or grandchildren would be a good present idea. Prepare a letter with words from your heart saying how grateful you are for all the things they have provided you. Another ideal present would be Aromatherapy massages, slippers and comfort items. [Continue reading: Gift ideas for aged parents or grandparents]

Great experience days to those who like cooking

When it comes to cooking, the first thing which comes to your mind is your mother. Mother is truly the best cook for every child. But everybody needs a day out and what could be more nice than treating her with a brunch, lunch or a dinner cruise on her birthday or on a Mother's day. [Continue reading: Great experience days to those who like cooking]

Finding presents for the elderly group

A suitable gift for an elderly man may be leather bound notebooks, cigar cases, perfumes, designer pens, etc. For the women, jewelery is a beautiful way of expressing affection, one could gift zodiac pendants or bracelets with suitable birthstones. Irrespective of what you may gift, you need to convey them sincerity, good wishes and lots of affection which could fill their hearts and mind with deep emotions for you. [Continue reading: Finding presents for the elderly group]

Finding presents for the matured folks

There are many different things to consider while buying gifts to the matured community. These are the people who have seen life more than you and hence they tend to be more practical and emotional than you are. Whether one is buying for a parent, spouse, friend, or a relative, it requires some searching for the right gift, that would symbolize true sentiments. [Continue reading: Finding presents for the matured folks]