30th Birthday Presents and gift ideas

The 30th birthday is no longer the milestone it used to be. After all, 50 is the new 30 and 30 is the new 20! This means that under no circumstances should you buy the “Over the Hill” gag gifts for the significant other, friend or family member who will be turning 30 this year.

These types of gifts are slightly more appropriate for those turning 40, but usually are reserved for the 50th or 60th birthday. Fortunately, there are many other interesting (and more tasteful) presents that you can get for men and women for their 30th birthdays.

Experience day gifts are ideal for 30th Birthdays

Nothing quite matches the excitement of receiving an experience day present voucher on a birthday. You can pick from over two thousand different experience days starting from wine tasting, to chocolate making, to racing activity days in a smoking performance car! If you're hunting for something more relaxing, you can organise for an overnight spa day, or a diving course for the ladies.
Check out our advised experience days for 30th bithdays.

Recommended activity days for her

Recommended activity days for him

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Gadgets make for great 30th Birthdays

Gadgets are ideal for 30th birthdays as you are bound to find something the recipient will not already have. Whether that might be a cheeky present, or something to go on their desk at home or at work. Whether or not you are getting a radio-controlled chopper, or an executive toy or hand massager, you can be sure to find that special present to make the even extra special.

Gadget gifts for her

Gadget gifts for him

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Watches make for memorable 30th Birthday Gifts

Watches are usually given as a milestone gift, and therefore make perfect 30th bithday gifts for men and ladies. When choosing a designer watch, make sure you take into consideration the style of the wearer, and also his lifestyle. Is the recipient sporty, preppy, an aspiring business man or woman, or a trendy young person?
Check out our recommended designer watches for 30th bithdays.

Watches for her

Watches for him

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Jewellery is an ideal 30th Birthday Gift

Jewellery always makes for a memorable birthday gift, which can literally last forever.
For the ladies, favourites include necklaces, rings, bangles, earrings, and bracelets. For men, stainless steel and silver bracelets or cufflinks are typical favourites. 30th birthdays are special, and nothing can quite match the pleasure of receiving a thoughtful item of jewellery which the wearer will be able to sherish forever.
Check out our recommended jewellery for 30th bithdays.

Jewellery for her

Jewellery for him

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What to know when buying ?

Gifts for Women:
For women who enjoy reading, the novel “Pushing 30,” and the inspirational “On Women Turning 30” make great gifts.
A DVD is also a good choice. The movie “13 Going On 30” is a great chick flick for 30-somethings and features an awesome thriller dance. A single woman in her 30’s might like to receive a season of “Sex in The City” on DVD.
A manicure, pedicure or massage is good gift for women who are sick of hearing pithy 30th birthday comments.

Gifts for Men:
There are a lot of good t-shirts out there with slogans that are perfect for a 30 year old. One favourite is the t-shirt that says “Made in the 70’s.” Other slogans include “Oh Crap! I’m 30,” and “It took me 30 years to look this good!”
There are a few books about turning 30 targeted at men that might make good gifts. A favourite is “Things a Man Should Never Do Past 30,” from Esquire (the men’s magazine). It is a list of funny rules for men over 30 to follow, including “Have any furniture that involves cinder blocks,” and “Google ex-girlfriends.”
Another popular 30th birthday gift is an album released the year the birthday boy was born. This album could be from a particular artist or could be a compilation, such as the Billboard Top Hits from 30 years ago.
Whether the 30 year old is male or female, there are many great gifts that don’t contain the words “Over the Hill.”

Where to buy 30th Birthday Presents?


Latest 30th Birthday Presents Reviews

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