21st Birthday Presents and gift ideas

The most popular birthday is the big 21, so give them a gift they won’t forget.
Because women love to be pampered, a delightful gift to give is a gift certificate to a spa. Spa gift certificates can be for massages, manicures, pedicures, or for a full day of relaxation. For the men, we have found a great selection of adrenaline packed experience days and boys toys which are sure to please!

Experience days are great for 21st Birthdays.

Nothing quite matches the buzz of receiving an experience day gift voucher on a birthday. You can pick from over 2000 different activity days from wine tasting, to chocolate making, to driving experience days in a supercar! If you're searching for something more relaxing, you can organise for an overnight spa day, or a makeover for the ladies.
Have a look at our favourite activity days for 21st birthdays.

Recommended activity days for her

Recommended activity days for him

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Gizmos and toys make for great 21st Birthdays gifts.

Gadgets are ideal for 21st birthdays as you are sure to find something that the recipient won't already have. Whether that might be a cheeky gift, or something to go on their desk at home or at work. Whether you are getting a radio controlled copter, or a polaroid digital camera, you may be certain to find that special present.
Check out our recommended gifts and gadgets for 21st bithdays.

Gadget gifts for her

Gadget gifts for him

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Watches make for memorable 18th Birthday Gifts

Watches are usually given as a milestone gift, and therefore make perfect 18th bithday gifts for men and ladies. When choosing a designer watch, make sure you take into consideration the style of the wearer, and also his lifestyle. Is the recipient sporty, preppy, an aspiring business man or woman, or a trendy young person?
Check out our recommended designer watches for 18th birthdays.

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Jewellery is an ideal 18th Birthday Gift

Jewellery always makes for a memorable birthday gift, which can literally last forever.
For the ladies, favourites include necklaces, rings, bangles, earrings, and bracelets. For men, stainless steel and silver bracelets or cufflinks are typical favourites. 18th birthdays are special, and nothing can quite match the pleasure of receiving a thoughtful item of jewellery which the wearer will be able to sherish forever.
Check out our recommended jewellery for 18th bithdays.

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What to know when buying ?

For the ladies, some spa’s even offer birthday and special occasion packages. If you are a woman giving a gift to the recipient, schedule a spa day for the two of you for a relaxing day together.

Turning 21 is a milestone, and this occasion is the perfect time to send this adult on a vacation or getaway. Book a short stay at a hotel in a city you know this person loves or has always wanted to go to. For a woman who loves music, dance, and theatre, give them tickets to a show which can be attended together. At 21, it can be said that life is just starting and that their entire future lies ahead. Show them that the sky is the limit with a hot air balloon flight over their favourite location.

The gift of a shared activity can be sometimes be more memorable than a material gift and is something the recipient will always remember.

For a man turning 21 years of age, tickets to a sporting event for their favourite team is a gift which will be exciting and memorable.
For a step up from the 18th birthday gift of an engraved key ring, give the driving and car enthusiast the gift of a driving experience in which they can spend the day on a racetrack driving a car of their choice.
It won’t be hard to find out what this persons dream car is, and to drive one on a race track for a day will be a dream come true. On the day a person turns 21, it is also important to note that though the rest of their lives lie ahead of them, life should not be hurried or lived too fast.

This gift will give them a thrilling jump start and comparatively show them that the pace of life is leisurely compared to the fastest ride of their lives. For a better view of their future on the horizon, bring the birthday person up into the clouds with a ride in a helicopter or a vintage plane or present them with the thrill of skydiving or bungee jumping.

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Latest 21st Birthday Presents Reviews

Check out our reviews of the latest 21st Birthday Presents hand picked by our expert editorial team.

Great experience days to those who like cooking

When it comes to cooking, the first thing which comes to your mind is your mother. Mother is truly the best cook for every child. But everybody needs a day out and what could be more nice than treating her with a brunch, lunch or a dinner cruise on her birthday or on a Mother's day. [Continue reading: Great experience days to those who like cooking]

Trekking- an exciting birthday offer

When it comes to deciding a birthday present for a youngster there are a number of adventurous and exciting packages which we can think about. One of them can be trekking. It is a different kind of a travel because unlike other sorts of travel it is not affected by transportation or hotel availability but more influenced by the weather conditions and topography. [Continue reading: Trekking- an exciting birthday offer]

Skateboarding for teens

Skateboarding is something which excites every youth. Skateboarding instills a positive influence in the mind and heart of the youth, develops creativity, encourages community, determination and is relatively cheaper. Be it your young son, boyfriend, friend or your brother, before you actually gift them a skateboard, it is always best that they have a little training prior to using your gift effectively. Therefore gifting him subscription to skateboarding training classes can mean a lot to him. [Continue reading: Skateboarding for teens]

Bungee jumping

Bungee jumping can be a great gift idea for the man who has it all! Be it an anniversary present, birthday, Christmas, Easter, Valentines day or 'just because', buying a bungee jumping experience can be a lifetime experience for your man. [Continue reading: Bungee jumping]

Great birthday gift ideas for teens

Youth is the time when everything looks colorful fun and exciting. All of us pass through this age once in our lifetime and a time comes when our kids have to experience it too. A Birthday is an occasion that every teen looks out for to dress himself in the best, throw a party and to receive gifts. If you are planning a party for the teens then you need to feel the way they feel. [Continue reading: Great birthday gift ideas for teens]

Great gift ideas for your husband

Gifting your husband can be a lot harder as jewelery and flowers are not for men. Its difficult to please men with gifts as they appreciate the useful and practical things and hence you can spend forever thinking about an ideal gift for him. Here are some ideas for you to select a gift for him for any type of special occasion. Taking him for a holiday to a romantic destination will be a really great birthday gift for him and a memorable experience for the two of you. [Continue reading: Great gift ideas for your husband]

Great gift ideas for your wife

You want to gift your wife for your anniversary, her birthday or for Valentines day. You should have tried everything available in the stores but nothing appeals to you. Flowers, cakes and chocolates or dresses are the things of the past and it is something which we all receive on our special days some time or the other. [Continue reading: Great gift ideas for your wife]

Great Birthday gift ideas for the younger lot

If you are planning for a party then you need to make a few arrangements to take the party through. Youngsters are more upbeat about colors, music, dance and fun put together. Your decorations play a vital role in making the party a success. But try not overdoing it so it appears youthful and not kiddish. Music adds grace to the party so arrange for all kinds of music like, rap/hip hop, Rock n roll, Pop, Tango and everything which appeals their heart and makes them dance to their tunes. [Continue reading: Great Birthday gift ideas for the younger lot]