What are good birthday presents for a 14 year old?

Published: October 8th, 2009

PCU3990Good birthday presents can vary depending on what the 14 year old is interested in. If you know the child very well, you can purchase a gift surrounded around their hobbies. For example, if it’s a girl, and she enjoys shopping, you can purchase her gift card to her favourite store or local mall. Another gift you can purchase if you know some movies she enjoys or even music can be a very good gift as well.

A boy on the other hand you can pretty much do the same thing. Whatever he enjoys, such as sports or video games, etc, another good idea for presents can surround around getting items that surround their favourite sport or purchase them a video game.

If you know exactly what the 14 year old wants for their birthday this would be very helpful, because you can easily purchase something that surrounds around what they want and need. If not reading about different kinds of ideas can be very helpful.

Let’s say you do not know what the 14 year old wants at all and your completely stuck giving them money is not a bad idea at all. Even though this separates from the idea of a birthday present you can still get them a present and add some money in the birthday card so if they’re not a big fan of your present, they can take the money and purchase something they really want.

Children can be very picky on choosing the perfect birthday present for them since everyone is not into the same thing, but it all depends on the child and what they ask for, you will most likely figure out what they want by just asking.

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