Top 5 Toys For Girls This Christmas

Published: December 4th, 2009

Following our series on the top 5 most wanted toys for boys, we have researched the most wanted toys for the girls based on the National Toy Retailer Association for 2009. If you didn’t have a clue what to get this year, let our list give you a helping hand.

Lets jump in..

5# Princess Peppa’s Palace


If you have a young girl, then you will know how popular Princess Peppa is. This toy is sure to be on a girls top list, featuring a fantastic Palace home fit for Princess Peppa! Her cutePalace folds out to reveal a dining hall and many other rooms and accessories including, King & Queen thrones, beds, table & chairs, oven cauldron and two exclusive guardsmen to protect Peppa and her Royal Family!
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4# Sylvania Families Caravan


Sylvania Families is the hit after school tv show for kids, and all the young children are going gaga over this. Beats me why, but you can’t peel them away from the tv when it runs.

They will love the play Caravan where families can create a cosy home from home with this versatile accommodation. The caravan opens up to reveal a well equipped kitchen, a seating area on a fold-down sofa bed, a well appointed shower room and lots of storage tucked away. The caravan comes with the classic Sylvania car to tow it around – Lots of features and nice detail.

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3# Bendaroos


Do you remember clay putty, or magic putty when you were a kid? Well Bendaroos the next generation featuring flexible building sticks which become soft at the touch, and get become hard when left alone. These come in many colours, and their flexibility allows for endless creativity. Bendaroos stick to paper, windows and walls and they keep their form for moulding without any mess.

The packs contains 12 different colours, as well as stencils for colouring, decorating and drawing which makes creating beautiful figures with Bendaroos fun! This great toy encourages creativity and makes for very competitive days at home when it rains outside.

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2# Go Go Hamsters


GoGo Hamsters are the latest trend, and all the cool kids are sporting them. These little hamsters have built in artificial intelligence, and they will move around their habitat in a very realistic way. They even talk and have their own personalities!

There are four to collect: Mr Squiggles is the modern day Hamster Houdini when he’s not hiding or playing tricks you’ll find him tumbling around in his little exercise ball. Num Nums is shy but sweet and she’ll sneak her way into your heart with all her hamster kisses. Pipsqueak is super sweet and smart, the braniac of the group and Chunk the laidback surfer Hamster has a big heart and an even bigger belly!

These are selling out at most shops and while most parents will wonder what the fuss is about, the kids love them and will pester you until you get them one!
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1# Kidizoom Digital Camera


Your kids will fall in love with this and never want to let it go! This is what happened to our little one, thanks to this brilliant Kidizoom camera made just for kits. Take pictures, make videos and play games on this sleek, easy to use and ultra-tough digital camera. The camera is super simple to use, and features big grip handles which are ideal for the little ones to start experimenting with photo.

Interchangeable faceplates are also included for personalisation so they can really make it theirs. Don’t expect high resolution pictures from a professional grade camera, but this is fantastic for the kids to play with.

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