Top 5 Educational Birthday Games

Published: January 26th, 2010


Are you looking for the perfect gift, but are looking for some good old fashioned educational board games? Check out our top 5 picks for every one in the family.

Educational games for small children

The most educational game appropriate for small children is Candy Land by Hasbro. Great for ages 3 and up it teaches colors, counting and turn taking during a fun filled adventure to the candy castle. Colorfully exciting this game will certainly capture the attention and imagination of any young child. Candy Land is available online at and is priced around £19.99.

Educational games for Teens

Monopoly by Hasbro is a great game for teenagers. This game teaches money handling skills and banking. It also helps teens grasp an understanding of the value of real estate. While playing Monopoly they will learn skills essential for life as well as having fun. Monopoly is available in a variety of themes from Disney to Star Wars, and you can now get a personalised monopoly! Purchase your own Monopoly game at It is priced from £12.69 upwards depending on the version.

Educational games for young adults

Young adults are sure to love playing dominos. It is great for enhancing your quick thinking math skills. By laying the dominos down by multiples of five you can either play for points or by round. Dominos allows for an unlimited number of players if you use more that one set making it great for gatherings of larger sizes. Also check out the various poker kits available too, which make for great gifts which will sure to be a crowd pleaser.

Educational games for couples

A great game that is universally loved by couples is Scrabble by Mattel. Not only will it help you spend some quality time with your partner but will also enhance you vocabulary as well. You may even come across the right word to send them a special message. Scrabble is available in many varieties including a magnetic travel game for your romantic getaways. You can find it at from £14.69.

Educational games for the whole family

The game of LIFE by Hasbro is great fun for the whole family. While playing this game your family will experience both special achievements and setbacks together. Parents are able to teach about the importance of money and also the fact that it doesn’t grow on trees. Every family should at one point or another sit down and play the game of LIFE. LIFE is available at for £17.99.

Naughty but educational games for couples

Educational in the sense that you will learn more about your partner, there are many games and weekend kits made just for couples who want to have a bit of fun at the weekend! Check out this weekend kit which features massage instructions, feathers, and everything you need for some good clean fun in the bedroom. Also check out Monogamy, the adult take on monopoly which recently won game of the year. With Your Partner”. ‘Monogamy’ will provide many a great evening at home with the one you love. Explore new experiences together, have fun and take each other on a sexual adventure.