Bored and short of birthday party ideas?

Published: January 19th, 2010

Yes, the plain cone-caps and lifeless streamers can very well make their way to the trash-can as they are no more hip. The new ez hair bow maker is a colorful bow making kit which is great for thematic birthday parties and also makes a perfect birthday present idea.

Kids love the colorful things and Ez hair bow maker makes them push their creativity into making bows from the accessories provided in the product. The ease of creating bows from this kit encourages children to learn how to make the hair bows which they were, till yet just getting affixed from their parents. The colorful design of the kit objects such as the ribbons clips and layers really appeals the kids.

This also can come to be of alternative use when used to decorate a place for birthday parties. these bows made from high quality grosgrain ribbon is very pleasing to eyes and looks lively. The kit has detailed instructions for ages 7 and up so one can be rest assured of its functionality when it arrives. one can put their creativity to task with this kit. Not only can a hair bow be made out of it, the hair bows can be very well put on the clothing and they look really cute.

Overall, this is a great gift if you’re looking for a versatile piece of gift which is very much of an interest for kids and with the flexibility of designs that can be made out of it, you can never be bored of it. The size of the clips and folders are standard and that means that the more kits you get the more options you get to make more designs.

It also makes a great gift idea for him as well as a cute gift idea for her. Its cheap and its functional. An excellent purchase.