A Unique Birthday Party Idea That You Can Bring Home

Published: January 19th, 2010

One of the recent birthday party idea that needs to be included in your itinerary and your list of reservations is face painting. It is an enjoyable and creative birthday party idea for the young and the old. In order to ensure the enjoyment of everyone, one must take into consideration the safety precautions involved. You should carefully select the paint to be hypoallergenic, washable, acrylic, and are made especially for the skin. Make sure you have a variety of colors, the brighter and the wider the range the better. There are different types of paint tubes too, you can choose if you want a wide or small tip. These tips will determine the fineness of your designs. You usually pick a wider tip if there are glitters in it or it is used for darker colors because it will serve as your base. The thin tips will be for added design and could be brighter and more colorful.

This interesting activity is mostly done by an experienced adult who avoids placing the paints in sensitive areas such as near the eyes or the ears. In a party, one to three painters can be present. The Kids might get restless waiting for their turn, thus to avoid that make sure you have other activities in store while they are waiting for their turn. Some children’s party planner suggest placing a series of different stalls , then enforcing a system so each child can have their time in a booth. Other birthday party ideas that strike interest are chocolate fountains, decorating icing over cupcakes, tattoo arts and making birthday party hats.

In the face painting booth, one should have ready made designs available preferably ten to fifteen designs for each gender. This saves time for other to have their turn and this also saves some thinking for the children. The designs ideally should fit the theme and should be gender sensitive. Popular designs for boys include action characters, skulls, pirates, and sports equipment. Favored designs for girls include fairies, butterflies, stars, hearts, and flower.