Gifts For Her and present ideas for the ladies

Buying a birthday gift for a woman holds countless opportunities. Most women have a romantic side and enjoy gifts that show the giver took time to think about her specifically.
Gifts of the heart are especially wonderful to give to almost any woman. These types of gifts include a home made card with a hand written verse, or even an arrangement of wild flowers that have been freshly picked.

Experience days make for fantastic gifts for her

From massage and pampering days to chocolate making and tasting events, there is an experience day for every girl and woman out there. Surprise her with a unique gift, you can share and treasure forever. Is she into adrenaline rushes? Then look into white water rafting, power boat trip and even helicopter and bungee jumps to really give her the time of her life. Activity days make for ideal birthday gifts for her, and with a wide range of events available at every price bracket you are sure to find a perfect gift for the one who has everything!

Check out our recommended experience days for ladies of all ages.

Recommended adrenaline activity days

Recommended leisure activity days

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Gadgets & Girls toys - Perfect as birthday presents for her

Girls like their toys too! Check out these unique gadgets sure to impress the lady in your life, whether its a massage wand, to naughty games, to a comfy snuggle slanket for those lazy saturday mornings!
Check out our recommended gifts and gadgets handpicked by our ladies.

Girls Stuff

Ultimate Gadgets!

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Watches Are The Ultimate Ladie's Birthday Gift

The perfect ladie's watch can complete an outfit, and really add a nice touch to a dress. Practical but also timeless, we have chosen a really nice range of designer watches for her.

Dress Watches

Designer Watches

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Designer Jewellery - A girls best friend

Jewellery always makes for a memorable birthday gift, and for ladies you can choose from bracelets, necklaces, bangles, rings and earrings. You can now pick from a wide range of designers available, which all cater a wide range of occasions.
Check out our recommended jewellery ideal for her birthday.

Fashionable Bracelets

Designer Necklaces

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What to know when buying ?

Most women also enjoy receiving gifts such as body lotions and creams in their favourite scents. A favourite perfume is also nice or a new popular brand of perfume that she has mentioned wanting to try. A gift that will pamper and relax your birthday woman is also an extremely good idea. A gift certificate for a day spa, a massage or even a pedicure would be greatly appreciated. If you are able to give massages you can buy scented oil and a warming dish and give the massage yourself.

Find out what her special interests are and buy books or movies on that subject. Showing that you took the time to find a special book that she has been wanting to read will make the gift itself even more special. Romantic movies or romantic comedies are almost always a good choice for women. If she has a special hobby, you could buy an item that goes along with that interest, such as scrap booking supplies or paints if she is artistic and enjoys creating works of art.

A home cooked meal is always appreciated by most women. It shows you care and it gives her a night off from the kitchen. Try baking a birthday cake from scratch for dessert, while setting the table with a nice cloth and candles in her favourite colour.
If she has to work on her birthday send a lunch to be delivered to her, along with a nice bouquet of flowers. It will give her a good feeling to know that she is being thought of that early in the day. Add a box of her favourite chocolates and a nice note or card wishing her a happy birthday.

Many women love to receive jewellery as a gift. If you choose this type of gift, try to make sure it’s something she has shown an interest in. If she collects charms for a bracelet, buy one with something special on it that she will always remember as a gift from you on her birthday. Jewellery doesn’t always have to be expensive to be appreciated. A very simple necklace or pair of earrings will be very pleasing to most women.

Where to buy ?


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