60th Birthday Presents and gift ideas

A 60th birthday should be celebrated with friends and family, and care should be taken to find the perfect gift for the occasion.
We have found a great selection of birthday presents for his and hers 60th birthday, which we believe will be unforgettable.

Activity Days are just the ticket for 60th Birthdays

Gadgets are very popular for 60th birthdays, as there is so much variety to choose from. Whether you pick an electronic gadget such as a hd video camera to capture the day, or a digital photo frames to share treasured memories - We are sure that they will make for exciting and easy to use gifts for all ages.
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Gadgets make for great 60th Birthdays gifts

Gadgets are ideal for 60th birthdays as you are sure to find something that the recipient won't already have. Whether that might be a cheeky gift, or something to go on their desk at home or at work. Whether you are getting a remote controlled helicopter, or a polaroid digital camera, you can be sure to find that special gift.
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Watches make for memorable 18th Birthday Gifts

Watches are usually given as a milestone gift, and therefore make perfect 18th bithday gifts for men and ladies. When choosing a designer watch, make sure you take into consideration the style of the wearer, and also his lifestyle. Is the recipient sporty, preppy, an aspiring business man or woman, or a trendy young person?
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Jewellery is an ideal 18th Birthday Gift

Jewellery always makes for a memorable birthday gift, which can literally last forever.
For the ladies, favourites include necklaces, rings, bangles, earrings, and bracelets. For men, stainless steel and silver bracelets or cufflinks are typical favourites. 18th birthdays are special, and nothing can quite match the pleasure of receiving a thoughtful item of jewellery which the wearer will be able to sherish forever.
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What to know when buying ?

For the computer-savvy 60-year old woman, a very trendy gift is a small portable computer which is easy to carry along on trips or use from the comfort of her couch or recliner chair.
The best part is, because it’s the birthday girl’s personal computer, she won’t have to wait for Dad and the rest of the family to get off the home computer in order to browse or shop online. If she is an internet neophyte, now is the perfect time for her to learn how to use a computer.

If your 60-year old birthday girl has a special holiday cottage or seaside resort that she likes to visit every year, make a gift of an item that could be used on the trip, such as new luggage, a dress shop gift certificate for a new vacation wardrobe, or as a surprise, arranging for a special friend or relative to come along to enjoy the trip with her.

If you gift a trip, make sure that someone will take responsibility for doing whatever house-sitting or pet sitting your birthday girl may need while she is on vacation.

Most 60-year old men have hobbies. If they say they don’t have a hobby, they just aren’t telling you what it is. If your birthday boy loves to collect things, like stamps, fishing flies or military artefacts, with a little research you can find a gift which will enhance his enjoyment of his collections, such as magnifying lenses or precision tools.

A decade birthday for your 60-year old birthday boy is a major event, and if your family has not had a family reunion for some time, now is a perfect time to organize a big celebration and bring together your extended family and friends.

Alternatively, you might want to consider making this the year that your 60-year old birthday boy finally attends his old school reunion, especially if your 60-year old hasn’t wanted to attend in the past because it either was too far away or he felt the trip was not affordable.

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Latest 60th Birthday Presents Reviews

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Give The Gift Of Youth


If you want to make someones day, then look no futher then Eye Secrets. This innovative anti ageing kit is the secret of the stars, when it comes to looking young.

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Gift ideas for aged parents or grandparents

Gifts that your parents or grandparents would appreciate should be valuable in terms of emotions and sentiments. Digital photo frames with photos of their children or grandchildren would be a good present idea. Prepare a letter with words from your heart saying how grateful you are for all the things they have provided you. Another ideal present would be Aromatherapy massages, slippers and comfort items. [Continue reading: Gift ideas for aged parents or grandparents]

Great experience days to those who like cooking

When it comes to cooking, the first thing which comes to your mind is your mother. Mother is truly the best cook for every child. But everybody needs a day out and what could be more nice than treating her with a brunch, lunch or a dinner cruise on her birthday or on a Mother's day. [Continue reading: Great experience days to those who like cooking]

Gift ideas for aged parents or grandparents

Your parents and grandparents are your guide to life, your mentor and a wonderful gift you can ever receive from God. Therefore a gift to them should be very special that can be used and not laid in a dusty corner of the house. Try not to gift common items that would add up to the mountain of stuff that they already have. If you really love and care for them gift them a gourmet food item. Bake a cake or plan a traditional family dinner. This will bring back past memories of family reunions. It will also save your elderly parent the days trouble of cooking for that day. [Continue reading: Gift ideas for aged parents or grandparents]

Finding presents for the elderly group

A suitable gift for an elderly man may be leather bound notebooks, cigar cases, perfumes, designer pens, etc. For the women, jewelery is a beautiful way of expressing affection, one could gift zodiac pendants or bracelets with suitable birthstones. Irrespective of what you may gift, you need to convey them sincerity, good wishes and lots of affection which could fill their hearts and mind with deep emotions for you. [Continue reading: Finding presents for the elderly group]

Finding presents for the matured folks

There are many different things to consider while buying gifts to the matured community. These are the people who have seen life more than you and hence they tend to be more practical and emotional than you are. Whether one is buying for a parent, spouse, friend, or a relative, it requires some searching for the right gift, that would symbolize true sentiments. [Continue reading: Finding presents for the matured folks]