40th Birthday Presents and gift ideas

Between 40 year old celebrity “cougars” who look hotter than the younger generation and the newfound popularity of sayings such as “40 and Fabulous,” it is clear that the negativity surrounding the 40th birthday is quickly disappearing.
If you are looking for a gift for someone turning 40, make sure you keep this new attitude surrounding the 40th birthday in mind. There are a lot of great gifts out there for someone entering the 4th decade of life.

Experience day gifts are ideal for 40th Birthdays

Nothing quite matches the thrill of receiving an experience day present voucher on a birthday. You can pick from over 2000 different activity days ranging from wine tasting, to chocolate making, to driving experience days in a dream automobile! If you are hunting for something more relaxing, you can organise for an overnight spa day, or a makeover for the ladies.
Check our hand picked experience days ideal for your upcoming 40th birthday.

Recommended activity days for her

Recommended activity days for him

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Gadgets and novelty gifts make for perfect 40th Birthday presents

Gadgets are excellent for 40th birthdays as you are sure to find something friends and family won't have. Whether you might look out for a silver engraved photo album, or a remote controlled boat to take to the pond with the kids, there is a gadget for you.
Check out our recommended gifts and gadgets for 40th birthdays.

Gadget gifts for her

Gadget gifts for him

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Watches make for memorable 18th Birthday Gifts

Watches are usually given as a milestone gift, and therefore make perfect 18th bithday gifts for men and ladies. When choosing a designer watch, make sure you take into consideration the style of the wearer, and also his lifestyle. Is the recipient sporty, preppy, an aspiring business man or woman, or a trendy young person?
Check out our recommended designer watches for 18th bithdays.

Watches for her

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Jewellery is an ideal 18th Birthday Gift

Jewellery always makes for a memorable birthday gift, which can literally last forever.
For the ladies, favourites include necklaces, rings, bangles, earrings, and bracelets. For men, stainless steel and silver bracelets or cufflinks are typical favourites. 18th birthdays are special, and nothing can quite match the pleasure of receiving a thoughtful item of jewellery which the wearer will be able to sherish forever.
Check out our recommended jewellery for 18th bithdays.

Jewellery for her

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What to know when buying ?

Women’s Gift Ideas:
Jewellery is always a great option for women. One option for a 40th birthday gift is to get a charm bracelet-there are many bracelets targeted at 40 year olds. Or, if the birthday girl already has a charm bracelet, you could buy her a “forty” charm to add to the bracelet.

For the 40th birthday girl holding a large party, consider purchasing a birthday memories photo album or scrapbook. There are several birthday albums available that are meant exclusively for 40th birthdays.
An interesting birthday gift would be a “When You Were Born” book that tells interesting facts about the year, month and even the day the person was born. Many of these books can be personalized with different colours, names, dedications and poems.

Men’s Gift Ideas:
A good gift for the 40 year old male is a set of wine glasses with a funny saying such as “40 and Toasted,” or “29 and 132 months.” Better yet, give the birthday boy an aged bottle of wine from the year he was born along with the wine glasses.

A lot of 40th birthday books are really corny, but the book “40 things to do When You Turn Forty” is actually really insightful, featuring several well-written essays by bestselling authors.
A lot of gift stores and websites sell “Time Capsule” basket gifts, which are great for 40th birthdays. Choose a “time capsule” from the year the birthday guy was born. It usually will contain nostalgic candy such as “Red Hots” and “Bottle Caps,” as well as trivia playing cards, music albums released 40 years ago, a 40th birthday t-shirt or even a newspaper from the day you were born.

This year, get your 40 year old friend a gift he or she will remember and cherish!

Where to buy 40th Birthday Presents?


Latest 40th Birthday Presents Reviews

Check out our reviews of the latest 40th Birthday Presents hand picked by our expert editorial team.

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