We have all been there before, your best friend's birthday is coming up, and you have no idea what to get him or her...You try and nip to the shops during your lunch hour, but nothing seems original, personal or even remotely interesting.
You kind of know what you want to buy, but just can't find that personal gift.
Well, time to take it easy! Our expert editorial team has put together the best gifts for May and have organised them by age groups, and tailored them for the girls and the boys.
So sit back, check out our hand picked selection, and revel in the fact that you have bought an original, and personal present which will really make the recipient smile.

Buying gifts has never been so easy and fun for once.

Presents for him

Normally searching for a unique gift to give your favourite man for his birthday would require a lot of thought and research. What is he into, what could I possibly buy him for his birthday or Christmas that he hasn't yet received in the last 30 years! Well, our unique team of editors are scouring the magazine, and the online shops to find the most original and unique gifts for him. Time to throw away those socks, and time to check out the most exciting and exilerating gifts and experiences he will treasure forever.
Whether you opt for a rally driving initiation course, or a private helicopter lesson, you are sure to find something for every man out there.

Check out all our recommended gifts for him here

Presents for her

Have you got buyer's block, trying to find a unique birthday present for that special lady in your life? Has your mum got bored of receiving the same gift of fragrances year in and year out? Not quite sure what to get your work colleague, that won't send the wrong messages (or will?).
Relax, and follow our guides, and top lists of the hottest birthday presents to buy this year. From unique massage experiences she will never forget, to special trips to europe that will rekindle the passion in your relationship there is a gift for every occasion and person. Our girls and guys have asked their friends, and put in years of shopping experiences into our top gifts to buy lists, and have found some really unique, and personal gifts which will be sure to touch the recipient of that very special birthday present!

Check out all our recommended gifts for her here

Presents for all ages

18th birthday presents
Find out about the most popular and sought after gifts for 18 year olds (and above!), and instantly become the cool guy or girl at the 18th birthday party who gets it!

21st birthday presents
Buying a 21st birthday present is difficult, as this is a transition age, and some 21 year olds are more mature than others. We have found a great selection of 21st presents which are sure hits - Take into consideration what you know about the recipient and you can't go wrong (if you do, most retailers have excellent returns policies!)

30th birthday presents
The 30th birthday is a huge milestone in someones life, make sure you pick a gift which takes this into consideration, and helps the recipient ease into his or her's 30th.

40th birthday presents
A 40th birthday party does not have to be boring - Think outside the box when picking your gift, and don't just go for the firm favourites of a fragrance or chocolates.

50th birthday presents
A 50th birthday should be filled with excitement and as this is a massive milestone in someone's life, make sure you go wild with your chosen gift. Look out for some life changing experience days, and once in a lifetime breaks which will truly be remembered forever.

60th birthday presents
The 60th birthday should remind the recipient that he is still full of energy and drive, and that he or she can still do anything they put their minds to. Forget retirement type stereotypical gifts, and opt for positive experiences to share with friends and family.

70th birthday presents
Put those socks and chocolates away, and instead treat the lucky birthday boy or girl to something special. Whether its tea at the Ritz, or a trip in the Orient Express, there are many unique gifts to be found.

80th birthday presents
Reaching 80 is very special, fifty years ago it was seen as a miracle so make sure you really make this birthday special. This is your opportunity to show gratitude and thanks for the great times you have share with the birthday girl or boy, and a great excuse to organise a once in a lifetime experience you will be able to treasure forever.

Buyer's block?

Don't know what to buy to the person who has it all? Are you still buying her perfumes year after year on her special day? Not quite sure what to buy your 18 year old nephew, or 21 year old daughter which will still be cool by the time they open their present?

Fear not, check out our top birthday presents for him and her handpicked for May.
Need an age specific present? Check out our gifts for 18th, 21st, 30th, 40th, 50th, 60th, 70th, right up to recommended gifts for an 80th birthday!

presents for her
presents for him

presents by age

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Christmas is just weeks away, and if you are still struggling to find the perfect gift – We have compiled a list of great gift ideas!

From supercar driving days to the most decadent spa and pampering days, experience days are ideal. Instead of going for the usual perfume gift set, tie, or pair of designer socks, why not give someone a gift they will be talking about for years to come?

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Give The Gift Of Youth


If you want to make someones day, then look no futher then Eye Secrets. This innovative anti ageing kit is the secret of the stars, when it comes to looking young.

Eye Secrets is a new range of beauty products which target the signs of ageing around the eyes.

Sagging upper eyelids, and under eye wrinkles and crows feet are a common problem, and many women often resort to expensive and invasive botox, or surgery to get a more youthful appearance.

Featuring three products: An upper eyelid lift, an under eye tightener, and an Eye Lash accelerator. These will make an ideal birthday present for any lady over 30.

Where to buy Eye Secrets? The best place is direct at the Eye Secrets website here.

Bonsai Kits – Grow Your Own Bonsai Tree!


If you are looking for a unique gift, that will grow with the recipient, why not look into Bonsai Kits?
These kits come with all you need to grow a full bonsai tree, which can last over 15 years! The …

Gift ideas for aged parents or grandparents

Gifts that your parents or grandparents would appreciate should be valuable in terms of emotions and sentiments. Digital photo frames with photos of their children or grandchildren would be a good present idea. Prepare a letter with words from your heart saying how grateful you are for all the things they have provided you. Another ideal present would be Aromatherapy massages, slippers and comfort items.

Top gift ideas for teens

While selecting a gift for a teenager, its essential to have a taste of awesome items that appeals every teen of the current age. The gift should be such that makes him think that both you and the gift are “totally cool”.

Great experience days to those who like cooking

When it comes to cooking, the first thing which comes to your mind is your mother. Mother is truly the best cook for every child. But everybody needs a day out and what could be more nice than treating her with a brunch, lunch or a dinner cruise on her birthday or on a Mother's day.

Trekking- an exciting birthday offer

When it comes to deciding a birthday present for a youngster there are a number of adventurous and exciting packages which we can think about. One of them can be trekking. It is a different kind of a travel because unlike other sorts of travel it is not affected by transportation or hotel availability but more influenced by the weather conditions and topography.

Gift ideas for aged parents or grandparents

Your parents and grandparents are your guide to life, your mentor and a wonderful gift you can ever receive from God. Therefore a gift to them should be very special that can be used and not laid in a dusty corner of the house. Try not to gift common items that would add up to the mountain of stuff that they already have. If you really love and care for them gift them a gourmet food item. Bake a cake or plan a traditional family dinner. This will bring back past memories of family reunions. It will also save your elderly parent the days trouble of cooking for that day.